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@pastorcynthia • 2y

What a beautiful month of September is turning out to be. Remeber, Abraham believed, and the Lord accounted it to him for righteousness. God helped his vision. He trained him on how to see rightly; how to use his sense of sight; spiritual sight. That’s what we call, “seeing for realities.” By taking him out in the night and asking him to number the stars, God engaged him spiritually on how to look beyond the optical realm, and see with the eyes of the spirit. It’s what we’re called to do in Christianity: we look and see beyond what our minds and optical vision can perceive. We see with the eyes of faith. We’re the seed of Abraham. Romans 4:16 calls Abraham who is the father of faith, the father of us all. God already set the precedent with Abraham. You have to practise seeing realities. Consciously create time, when, all by yourself, you use your spiritual sight especially in these times we live in. Happy new month of visualization🎉🎊